Our Core Values

Our team can assist across the scope of your agriculture project

For more than 25 years Richard Brake has helped farm and rural businesses develop their business.

From the preparation of a straightforward partial budget to justifying changing a farming system to a capital budget involving millions of dollars for the purchase of a farm and at every scale in between.

Richard Brake Consulting has the experience and knowledge to help you with your business planning issues.

In today’s unpredictable conditions failing to plan is planning to fail, and that can be applied to just about any business decision.


Rural communities are the lifeblood of Western Australia.


As an organisation, we understand the importance of our environment for the future of humanity.


Our team focuses on diversity within the workplace to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Indigenous engagement

First nations knowledge is a knowledge that is unique to our environment in Western Australia.

Health & safety

In our industry, a focus on health and safety is paramount due to the nature of machinery and items in use as part of everyday business.


Work, life, balance - Family values are a large priority at Richard Brake Consulting.

Case Studies

Whole of Property Carbon Business Assessment


Richard Brake Consulting provides carbon business case assessment services to Woodside including involvement in whole of station assessments for prospective HIR carbon projects.

Using data sourced and created we provide assessments of business implications under the HIR methodology in terms of potential carbon sequestration income, project viability and integration into existing business enterprises to guide further investment decisions.
Advice on management implications to achieve the best carbon and business outcomes and general agricultural advice.

Business Management


Richard Brake Consulting assists Corrigin farmer Simon Wallwork in his quest to respond to climate change. Simon is chairman of AgZero2030 – an agriculture-led movement aiming for climate change solutions.

“We are doing everything we can to adapt to climate change – whether we can keep up, I guess that’s the big question. Being involved with my local grower group has been critical for testing ideas and innovations and sharing ideas with my peers. We have made a big swing to barley in our program as it tends to be a more resilient crop and we can sow it with lower frost risk. We relocated our land base - we got rid of a farm next to Corrigin because we were finding we couldn’t produce on the drier seasons on the heavier soil types, so we focused our efforts on the lighter soil types. And with the assistance of our adviser (Richard Brake Consulting principal consultant, Richard Brake), we have reduced the cost structure of our business.” – Farmer Simon Wallwork

Research Project Work


Calculating Carbon Emissions in WA’s Grain Industry.

The Carbon Neutral Grain Pilot project is an important first step in understanding how to achieve a low-carbon future for WA grain growers.

Richard Brake Consulting was one of three project consultants that provided services to the project baselining greenhouse gas emissions for WA cropping enterprises and calculator comparisons.